the best way to manage your policies
Policy manual goal
Give your employees what they want:
24/7 access to up-to-date policies and procedures in a searchable, easy to access format.
Give yourself solid information on policy
and procedure comprehension.
Managing your policies and procedures
has never been so easy!
Target policy manuals to function
Have multiple locations?
Have multiple divisions?
Do some departments have policies others don't?
Do some policies apply to only some employees?
With PolicyPrime, you can target manuals to exactly match the need of the employee.
Policy manual searching
Keyword search gets your employees to the right document quickly. No wasted time paging through binders hunting for the correct document.
Policy manual indexing
PolicyPrime uses YOUR document titles,
section headings and wording to organize
your manuals. No need to add keywords or
change how you describe things!
PolicyPrime never changes your original documents.
Policy reader tracking
Ever been frustrated when putting out a policy and being told, "we never saw it"?
PolicyPrime lets you track access to each document in your policy manuals.
Have a must-read policy? Send out reminders and track access to ensure all employees are up-to-date.
Quiz/Evaluate Employees For Policy Comprehension
With a Premium Account, you can evaluate comprehension of each document or manual. Be confident that employees not only read a manual, but understood it too.
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Why our users love PolicyPrime

  • Easy to administer
  • Secure
  • Low cost (no charge per user)
  • Reduces risk
  • No IT support needed
  • No site-license required

Here's what they are saying

Your product is not only great, your response time and customer service is outstanding! I plan to recommend your product to any of my colleagues who might be looking for a policy management solution.

Kathy Wynn, PHR
Director Human Resources