Download PolicyPrime with no obligation!

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • 30 MB free disk space, 256 MB memory
  • Microsoft® Word 2000 or later
  • Policy documents in Microsoft® Word, one policy per Word document (Contact us if you need assistance reformatting your policies.)
  • Policy documents saved in the ".doc" or ".docx" format
  • Broadband Internet connection
PolicyPrime Administrator Screenshot
What You Will Receive with PolicyPrime Administrator:
  • The PolicyPrime Administrator comes preloaded with our demo organization.
  • It is fully functional except you cannot transfer your policy documents to the web.
  • When you are satisfied PolicyPrime is the right tool for your organization, create a new organization to gain full access to all of PolicyPrime's features. More information is available at Implementation.