Up and Running in 3 Easy Steps

The process of publishing your policy and procedure documents is easy. If the policies have a consistent format, it will take an administrator about an hour over the course of one day to install PolicyPrime, register and then to load policies to the web.

Follow the provided instructions to get online with PolicyPrime

1. Install PolicyPrime Administrator
  • Download and install the PolicyPrime Administrator. It's free for 30 days.
  • Explore PolicyPrime Administrator using the pre-configured demo organization.
  • Watch the online tutorials and see how easy it is to organize and publish your policies.

2. Create your organization.
  • Use the PolicyPrime Administrator to create a new orgaization.
    • While setting up a new organization, you will be asked to submit a sample policy document. We will analyze the sample policy and use it to read the content of your other policies.
    • We will process your sample policy within 1 business day and send you an email containing a registration key after it has been processed.
  • Continue creating your organization within the PolicyPrime Administrator. You will need to provide a minimum set of information to our secure server. We will never share this information with other organizations.

3. Load your policies into PolicyPrime Administrator and view them on the web
  • Load your policy documents into the administrator program.
  • Create manuals and an organization structure.
  • Click on one button to publish your policies on the web.
  • Point your browser to YourOrganizationName.PolicyDocuments.com to view and search your policies.
  • Login at PolicyPrime.com to track your site's statistics.

Need Help?

PolicyPrime requires your policies have a consitent format. For some organizations whose policy manuals have developed over multiple administations, this is not true. MicroGuide, creators of PolicyPrime, can provide support services to help you reformat your documents to a consistent format.

Are all your policies contained in one document? MicroGuide has the tools to easily split one document into several more easily maintained documents.

Just don't have the time to set up your organization? Although we have made the process of organizing and publishing your documents to the web easy, we recognize some organizations are short of staff and time. MicroGuide would be happy to help you get your policy web site set up.