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1. Tour PolicyPrime's Primary Features
    PolicyPrime has two parts: a downloadable application and a web interface.

  • The application, "PolicyPrime Administrator", is used to manage which policies are distributed online and
    which users have access to those policies. The following tour highlights the primary features of the
    PolicyPrime Administrator and covers how an organization's policy documents are accessed, searched, and
    displayed online.

    PolicyPrime Administrator and PolicyDocuments.com Tour

  • The web interface, located at PolicyPrime.com, is used to manage an organization's account. The following
    tour highlights the primary features of the web interface, covering billing, question and assessment
    management, and the ability to view which users have viewed policies.

    Account Management Tour

2. Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • We have created detailed tutorials that demonstrate how to use the PolicyPrime Administrator to publish
    documents online. Watch them for more thorough explanations of PolicyPrime's features.
  • If you have any additional questions, see if they have been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Features and Sample Web Pages
  • View the feature breakdown for an overview of what PolicyPrime has to offer.
  • The PolicyPrime Administrator comes pre-loaded with a demo organization. In order to better understand how
    policy documents appear online, the demo organization's policy documents are publicly available here.
  • PolicyPrime's Online Help and Documentation is dedicated to explaining all features within the PolicyPrime
    Administrator and the web interface.