Feature Breakdown

1. PolicyPrime Administrator
  • Organization Management

  •   Basic Premium
    Manage Organizations (New/Load/Register) Yes Yes
    Modify Organization Yes Yes
    Change Organization Password Yes Yes
    Modify Organization Structure Yes Yes
    Change Heading Order Yes Yes
    Send Test Email Yes Yes
    Import Users Yes Yes
    Modify User List Yes Yes
    Change User Passwords Yes Yes
    User Search Yes Yes
    Send Email to Users Yes Yes
    Modify Email Templates Yes Yes
    Generate Web Files Yes Yes
    Transfer Organization Information/Files to Web Yes Yes
    Receive Updates Yes Yes

  • Manual Management

  •   Basic Premium
    Assign Manuals to Organization Structure Yes Yes
    Modify Manual List Yes Yes
    Assign Policy Documents to Manuals Yes Yes
    Modify Policy Document List Yes Yes
    Change Document Header Text Yes Yes
    Edit Documents Yes Yes
    View Policy History Yes Yes
    Print Documents Yes Yes
    View Documents Yes Yes

  • Quiz Management

  •   Basic Premium
    Create Document Questions   Yes
    Define # Questions Presented Per Quiz   Yes
    Select Quiz by Manual or by Document   Yes
    Assign Passing Percent   Yes
    Preview Quizzes   Yes
    Analyze Results by Document, Users or Manual   Yes

2. PolicyDocuments.com
  • Display Your Organization's Policy Manuals Using the Organization's Structure
  • Restrict Access to Manuals
  • Search Manuals and Their Policies
  • Give Quizzes for Documents and Manuals (Premium account only)

3. PolicyPrime.com
  • Secure Login for Administrators
  • Monitor Which Users Have Viewed Individual Policies
  • Create and Manage Quizzes (Premium account only)
  • Monitor Which Users Have Passed Individual Quizzes (Premium account only)